Beats signs 15 college athletes to wear its products

Bloomberg reported that Beats has signed a contract with college football players as part of an endorsement deal.

Apple’s Beats by Dre concluded a partnership with 15 college football players to wear its products. Some notable names include Ga’Quincy McKinstry, Quinn Ewers, and Caleb Williams. The full list of signed players can be found on the CBS website.


Beats’ executive for Beats’ sports marketing Aminah Charles said that it was ‘important’ to have the athletes get supported by the brand on that level. He further said that the industry is moving towards this trend and the company wanted a ‘bigger swing in this area.’ Charles also mentioned that the recent signing is just the start, and promised an annual list that will have them signing future generations.

Beats has signed sports athletes in the past, including the NBA Unleased where NBA players promoted the Powerbeats Pro. Deal specifics have not been disclosed to the public.