Beats Studio Buds makes another appearance in music video


The ‘Beats Studio Buds’ has been seen in the latest music video by songwriter and rapper Roddy Ricch.

Beats Studio Buds

The music video of the song ‘Late at Night’ reveals the yet unreleased Beats Studio Buds, particularly in the scene where Ricch is working in a studio and mixing a song. The design of the Beats earbuds can be seen, as well as the case that the audio accessory will come in.

The first time the ‘Beats Studio Buds’ was seen in the wild was on LeBron James’ Instagram post. The NBA star was seen sporting white colored earbuds.

Information about the new earbuds is limited to mostly data from an iOS beta that was released in May. It will have a smaller form and will forego the earwrap, and may follow Google or Samsung earbuds. Currently, color options are rumored to be in red, black or white.

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