Belkin launches Apple-approved MagSafe car charger

Third-party manufacturer Belkin has launched its Apple-authorized MagSafe car charger today.

The Belkin Boost Charger Pro Wireless Car Charger with MagSafe is now available to consumers at Apple for $99. Currently, wireless car chargers use Qi technology, making Belkin’s the first of its kind. The power delivery of Qi maxes out at just 7.5W, while the Boost Charger Pro tops out at 15W. Furthermore, it’s the first official MagSafe charger for vehicles.


The Boost Charger Pro connects to the AC vents and features an oval body. The articulating clip is adjustable depending on your angle and function. The MagSafe charger accessory includes a USB-C cable and a cable management strap to keep things tidy. There’s also a USB-C CLA charger that has the same silver color as the main MagSafe charger.

Belkin is a brand known for producing high-quality Apple and iPhone accessories. Buying the MagSafe car charger now will have the shipping date set on November 14.