Bespoke MicroLED ccreens to appear on Apple Car, Vision Pro, and iPhone

TrendForce reports that microLED display production is set to arrive on a number of upcoming Apple products.

The research firm said that the feature will head towards automotive applications and headsets, including Apple’s flagship phone. The first microLED technology will be seen on the Apple Watch Ultra, which will arrive in 2026 rather than 2025 due to adjustments in the supply chain. The size of display is believed to have a 2.12-inch size, which is 10 percent more than the current Apple Watch Ultra display.

Bespoke MicroLED Screens

Mark Gurman of Bloomberg echoed that the first Apple microLED display will be on the Apple Watch Ultra, then the Mac, iPad, and iPhone afterward. The long-term plan is believed to be integrating microLED technology to all key products but it might be a decade before arriving on the Mac. He also said that iPhone will have OLED screens for about six years before arriving on the iPad.