Bing AI arriving on Chrome and Safari

Microsoft’s AI chatbot will be coming to the Chrome and Safari browser soon.

The company’s ChatGPT-like app has been introduced first as an app, then getting support for Microsoft Edge. In just a short time, Bing arrived at Office 365. Now, it looks like Microsoft will be adding Bing AI support on third-party software.


In a recent post, Microsoft mentioned that its AI-powered Bing will arrive on web and mobile browsers and bring image creation, summarized answers, and more to a broader audience. And while the company is still encouraging people to use Edge, the choice is still dependent on the user. Microsoft says that using Edge allows for better benefits, such as chat history, longer conversations, and more.

There isn’t an exact date of when Bing AI will become available on Chrome and Safari, which means users will need to wait for the next announcement. Currently, the only way to use Bing AI is through the app, on Edge, and Office 365.