Bloomberg publishes story about Apple’s success under Tim Cook’s leadership

Mark Gurman and Austin Carr, journalists for Bloomberg have recently published an article about Tim Cook and his leadership that made Apple more successful. In the piece, Tim Cook’s eye for detail, operational prowess and diplomatic acumen is said to be responsible for making Apple a leader in modern business history.

Some of the topics in the story were about Cook and Trump’s relationship, Cook’s handling of political sensitivities, his leadership, cost-conscious approach in new products and managing Apple’s product diversification globally.


The Bloomberg story has a few highlights, including Apple’s success in the midst of the ongoing pandemic, Cook’s unrelenting work ethic, the response Jobs had when Obama asked the company to produce the iPhone in the US, Apple’s feud with Facebook, Epic Games and Spotify and Cook’s friendship with former US president Donald Trump.

The full story can be found on Bloomberg’s official website and is featured with the title ‘Apple is the $2.3 Trillion Fortress that Tim Cook Built’.