BMW’s EV highlights integrated CarPlay experience

The i4 is BMW’s upcoming electric vehicle, and early promotional material reveals that it will have a fully integrated CarPlay experience.

The flagship vehicle comes with CarPlay and a heads-up display and two curved displays, all of which can show information from the connected iPhone via wireless iDrive 8. The instrument cluster shows both the iDrive interface and Apple Maps navigational information at the top.


BMW is one of the first carmakers to achieve a full view of Apple Maps on the display cluster and seems to be using several developer features such as the independent night mode. Also, the company has made early use of Apple’s vehicle-related software such as Ultra Wideband Digital Key Plus and Digital Key. It began offering CarPlay in 2016 as a yearly subscription but then took it back after negative feedback.

The BMW i4 is set to launch in the US in 2022 and in Europe this year.