BMW’s Ultra Wideband ‘Car Key’ set to launch next year


BMW has recently made public the ‘Digital Key Plus’, a digital car key program that allows BMW car owners to start or unlock their vehicles without having to open their iPhones.


Digital Key Plus touts Ultra Wideband technology and works similarly to Apple’s Car Keys. The car manufacturer mentioned that the feature will appear on its new electric vehicle models which are slated to arrive in North America in 2022 and Europe later this year.

Apple launched Car Keys along with iOS 13.6, with BMW being the only brand to support the feature in its vehicles. Currently, Digital Key uses NFC technology and requires owners to bring out their iPhones and hold it near their cars to work.

With the introduction of Ultra Wideband BMW compatible cars only need the iPhone in close vicinity to work. BMW says UW prevents relay attacks so radio interception and jamming will not be possible.