A book about Apple details Ive’s departure from the company, saying it was due to the executive burning out over several structural and cultural changes.

Apple Culture

‘After Steve: How Apple Became a Trillion-Dollar Company and Lost Its Soul’ was penned by Tripp Mickle and became the subject of a New York Times article. In one part it was believed that Jony Ive resigned after seeing Apple turn from an entity focused on design to a utilitarian brand.

Design chief Jony Ive resigned from Apple in 2019 and created his own company LoveFrom. Before this, Ive faced several changes such as having to lead a bigger team and seeing Cook express a lesser interest when it comes to product design.

The account detailed a private screening of the film ‘Yesterday’ with Ive and his design team. At the end Ive said ‘art needs the proper space and support to grow’. A day after, Ive met with his team and announced his departure from Apple.


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