‘Boys State’ deleted scene shows up in time for Oscar nominations

Apple has released a minute-long deleted scene video for its Apple TV+ ‘Boys State’, which the company hopes to get included in the Oscar Awards.

‘Boys State’ is a documentary released in 2020 and follows a group of high school boys as they participate in the Boys State even in Texas. Here, the week-long event has them creating political parties and platforms to try and get the coveted ‘governor’ title.

Boys State

The deleted scene shows Feinstein, a participant who tells his group to reconsider ‘edgy policies’ that include taboo subjects. The timing of the release coincides with Oscar nomination period, and it’s said that Apple is hoping to get one in a bid to win an award.

Rights for ‘Boys State’ has been acquired in January 2020 for $10 million. Amanda McBaine and Jesse Moss served as the producer and director, with Concordia Studio also being a producer.

Apple TV+ costs $4.99 per month and offers original Apple content, such as ‘The Beastie Boys Story’, ‘Servant’ and ‘Defending Jacob’.