If you think that all keyboards should be infinitely powered by natural sunlight, you’re not alone. Logitech’s product, the K750 is a wireless Mac keyboard that collects light from both natural and artificial sources and converts it to letters on your Mac.

Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard for Mac

The K750 keyboard comes in Black or Silver. It’s thin, portable and works almost anywhere. You won’t have to slot in an AA batteries or think about swapping in new ones. The cells collect and store energy that you can potentially use it in total darkness for about three months!

What’s a Logitech keyboard without comfortable typing technology? The K750 has a concave cap design for fast and quiet clacking, and is designed to allow you to type comfortably for hours on end. It has the familiar Mac layout plus a hotkey exactly where it’s found in the Apple Keyboard.

Logitech’s K750 for Mac has been slashed down from $59.99 down to $54.88 on Amazon. You can save more by getting this keyboard as Renewed which costs only $42.56


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