Brent Sexton files lawsuit versus Apple over COVID-19 vaccination mandate

Actor Brent Sexton is suing Apple over the belief that he did not get hired over a vaccination mandate for COVID-19.

The actor, known for his roles in ‘The Killing’ and ‘Deadwood’, filed a suit against Apple as the company required people to get the coronavirus vaccine while working in a Los Angeles production for Apple TV+. Furthermore, they are required to submit proof that they had been vaccinated.

Brent Sexton

Sexton said that Apple ‘trampled the rights’ of people who are aiming to create content on Apple TV+. He did not take the vaccine for medical reasons and alleged that he lost an offer that cost him around $600,000. The actor will be filing for disability discrimination at the Los Angeles Superior Court and is seeking a yet-to-be-specified amount in punitive and compensatory damages.

Apple has had frequent testing done for its corporate and retail employees during the pandemic, and closed down several stores temporarily when it was at its peak.