nyone can just buy a vanilla laptop stand and get the benefits associated with them, but if you want something that’s stylish and gamer theme-related then you should get the Razer Chroma V2 Laptop Stand. Today, it’s down to just $122.27 from its original price of $150 on Amazon.

Razer Laptop Stand Chroma V2

Razer’s laptop stand features the signature Chroma RGB lighting and oozes quality in every which way. Ergonomic construction and premium anodized aluminum material ensures both your laptop and the stand will last a long time and look great anywhere you put them.

At the back is a welcome hub with USB-C, two USB-A and an HDMI port for all your needs. With the USB-C and HDMI you can connect up to two QHD or a 5K monitor easily and without needing any other accessory. There’s also a USB-C passthrough charging port for delivering power to your laptop.

Buy the Razer Chroma V2 Laptop Stand at nearly $28 off today!


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