British Parliament offers UK as production site for Apple Car

The British government MPs (Members of Parliament) has recently suggested to Apple that they build the Apple Car in the UK.

Bracknell Conservative MP James Sunderland has mentioned that Britain is a ‘no-brainer’ for building the electric vehicle, and urges the UK government to begin talks with Apple as soon as possible. Doncaster Conservative MP added that production of Apple Car presents an opportunity to innovate and boost the region’s economic growth.

Dudley North Conservative MP Marco Longhi says Apple can provide a major boost to areas such as Sunderland, a city that’s producing the EV Nissan Leaf in terms of automotive expertise.

Production of the Apple Car is tentatively set three years from now, but politicians are already looking for a replacement when a Tesla Gigafactory was moved to Berlin.

Rumors suggest that production of the Apple Car may be held in Kia’s US Georgia West Point plant, but the Cupertino-based company has halted partnership for the time being.

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