Korean boy band BTS will be releasing their concert films, titled “Love Yourself” on Amazon Prime and Apple TV come June 23.

Apple TV 4K that is now on sale for Cyber Monday.

The popular k-pop group will be releasing exclusive “Love Yourself” content, e.g., their New York and Europe shows, along with live performance footage, bonus videos and behind-the-scenes that were previously only available via DVD.

UK and US Amazon Prime subscribers will have access to both shows, while Apple TV subscribers in 58 countries will have access to the content. Users can choose to buy or rent, though the bonus content only gets unlocked if they buy the two films.

BTS is an immensely popular Korean boyband that’s successful not just in their country, but the whole world. Originally named Bangtan Sonyeondan, or ‘Bulletproof Boyscouts’, the group decided to adapt Beyond the Scene for their global fans. In 2018, they were the 2nd-best selling artists and were included in Time’s Most Influential People in 2019.


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