23″ Budget iMac coming soon, reports China Times

Apple refreshed the design of the iMac way back in 2009. The iMac, to this day remains largely unchanged – at least from the front and the back. In 2012, Apple did make the iMac thinner by removing the SuperDrive and changing the internal structure.

The design of the iMac is not bad by any means but it is old and something fresh will definitely be enticing. China Times reports that Apple is working on a new 23” budget iMac which is scheduled to release in the third or fourth quarter of 2020.

23″ Budget iMac coming soon, reports China Times

Reduced bezels

China Times reports that the 23” iMac will go into production in the third quarter of this year. There has been no word as  to whether the design of the machine will be different or not. However, we do think that Apple will slightly reduce the size of the bezels on the front to accommodate the larger 23” screen.

On the other hand, according to the noted Apple leakster Jon Prosser, the launch of a new iMac is imminent and can happen any time now. He did not give any specifics but was found answering questions related to the iMac during a Q&A on Twitter.

We do not know what changes Apple will make to the iMac desktop to make it more affordable. If the recent release of the iPhone SE is any indication and also the iPhone 11 being priced lower than the iPhone XR at launch, the company seems to be interested in grabbing a bigger market share.

Apple’s strategies are changing (evolving) as the company begins to focus heavily on getting people hooked to its subscription services. The services business now accounts for a large portion of Apple’s revenue and by selling hardware at a lower price, the company could be looking at long term plans.