Budget iMac in the works, suggests rumour

Apple has long been rumoured to be working on a new form factor for the iMac. Recent rumours that started appearing in late April suggest that the company is planning to release a 23” iMac this year. The design of the iMac is pretty outdated now – the design has not changed one bit since the 2009 model when the company released the aluminium version.

It’s difficult to verify the legitimacy of the rumours that suggest that the upcoming iMac will have a 23” display. However, it would be foolish to completely discard these rumours as it’s totally possible that Apple is indeed working on a new iMac with a larger screen. The bezels on the front of the current generation iMac are huge – the company could very well just cut the bezels to accommodate a larger display in the same form factor.

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There have also been rumours about Apple working on a budget iMac. The base model of the iMac currently costs $1,099 which comes with a slow 5400rpm HDD. Apple should completely ditch using traditional spinning hard drives in its computers. It was actually one of the first companies to move to using flash drives in its computers with the MacBook Air.

If the rumours of a budget iMac are true, we could see a Intel Core i3 processor powering the machine with 8GB of RAM and a mere 256GB SSD (which is much better compared to a slow 1TB HDD). Also, the display resolution on the budget iMac could be 1920×1080 (maybe?). A Full-HD display is decent enough and if it’s a truly budget computer, users would not complain.

It would be a great deal if Apple could offer its budget iMac for somewhere around $850. Apple computers have never touched lower than $900 officially at-least. However, if Apple really wants to sell more computers, it would be a good move.