California Exposure system to go live today

The state of California will have its Exposure Notification system on the iPhone rollout today. Other states and countries already have the Apple and Google exposure platform.

The UC Berkeley has been testing California COVID Notify since its inception this year but it’s only now that Exposure Notifications will be activated throughout the state.

California Exposure System

California Notify will utilize the Exposure Notification Express technology Apple created and introduced in iOS 13.7. Those in California can activate this by going to their iPhone’s Settings, then Exposure Notifications. From there, they must choose US then California to opt in. Downloading and installing an app is not needed.

California Exposure system on iPhone

Android users in California will need to download an app which will be launched on the same day.

UC San Diego Health is the developer of the Exposure Notification in California and will be the provider of support, education and infrastructure as well.

CA Notify will require iOS 13.7 or later.

California Exposure system to go live today