Camera app gains macro toggle on iOS 15.2 beta

The Camera app for the iPhone 13 Pro Max and iPhone 13 Pro gets a manual on-off toggle in the latest version of the iOS 15.2 beta.

On the official iOS 15 software only the two phones have the macro mode, and it was evident that it needed something. Before the introduction of the toggle, users had to rely on the iPhone to recognize when they wanted to take a macro shot. Also, users were not prompted on whether macro mode was activated or not.

In video, activating macro mode would cause lighting, composition and image frame to shift.

After several recommendations Apple introduced the manual control and said it will be added in future iterations of iOS. On the beta version, the control is added but not by default- users have to go to Settings, then Camera and finally to Auto Macro, and also head to Preserve Settings and toggle another Auto Macro option.

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