The crew filming Apple TV+ original content ‘Cherry’ had to execute complex drone maneuvers in some of the scenes.


Veteran camera operators were interviewed in an article, and one recently revealed that an off-beat solution was needed for a sequence. The scene featured a convoy of Humvees that rode on for a mile. Geoffrey Haley, the camera operator partnered up with a drone flyer to get the whole convoy and at times, get up-close footage of the actors.

Haley recalled in the Variety interview how he had to manually grab and control the drone and steady it within a few feet of the actors’ faces, similar to a Steadicam. The drone operator shut off the machine so Haley could maneuver it safely and eliminate noise.

The same drone-interception maneuver was said to be used in ‘Fast 9’.

‘Cherry’ tells the story of an Army man who suffers from PTSD coming home. Tom Holland plays the main role and is set to launch on Apple TV+ March 12.


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