Canada to have redesigned Apple Maps soon

Apple is planning on bringing the revamped Apple Maps version to Canada after completing its US rollout.

Apple Maps was introduced in iOS 12 and offers a more detailed view of bodies of water, pedestrian walkways, sports fields, malls, parks, buildings, roads and more. This gives users better and more accurate navigation instead of having to rely on a top-down default view.

Apple Maps

Apple recently launched the revamped Apple Maps in the UK and Ireland. Canada will be the fourth country to get the updated Apple Maps and this move marks Apple’s biggest expansion yet.

Screenshot of Toronto, Canada in Apple Maps

Apple has not made an official announcement as to when the revamped Apple Maps will be available in Canada. Currently, it’s on beta testing and expected to make the transition to a full rollout within 16 to 49 days.

Apple uses routing data and mapping technology to recreate locations and areas in greater detail. The revamped version also adds new features such as public transit and more.