Police authorities in Canada are seeing a surge in AirTag use on car thefts in the region.


Apparently there’s a new stealing method that takes advantage of the AirTag’s location tracking to identify and steal high-end cars. While the method of obtaining the vehicle is largely the same, perpetrators are now using the AirTag to see where high-end cars are parked and stealing it while it’s in the driveway.

York region police have already seen five incidents where the Apple device is used to steal the vehicles. Valuable cars are scouted in parking lots and public places- the perpetrators then attach an AirTag at the fuel cap or tow hitch and wait until the victim drives away and to their homes.

To counteract this method, authorities suggest parking their cars in locked garages and regularly inspect their vehicles for trackers. An AirTag alert may pop-up but only if the owner has an iPhone.


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