Missing out on the opportunity to use CarPlay on your 2018 Lexus vehicle? You’re in luck. Car manufacturer Lexus has announced that they will be adding support for the software on several of their 2018 car models, including the NX, RC F, RC, LC and LS variants on Canada and US regions.


More specifically, Lexus vehicles that have the Lexus Multimedia System can get the enhancement, which enables CarPlay compatibility and Alexa support as well. The only caveat though, is that the whole update costs $199, but those who are interested can contact their dealership for details.

Toyota and Lexus were the last carmakers to offer support for CarPlay. The two brands had their minds set on Ford’s SmartDeviceLink platform, but then changed course when they saw how popular CarPlay was.

A few 2019 Lexus vehicles, including the Lexus ES and the UX Crossover can already install and use CarPlay.


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