Caviar rolls out pure gold custom edition of the AirPods Max


Caviar, a Russia-based company known for producing luxury versions of devices has turned its sights on the newly-released AirPods Max.

AirPods Max

Today, the AirPods Max Gold by Caviar has been advertised as available to buy in 2021, with a price point of $108,000. The custom AirPods Max will come in black or white.

Caviar says that the pure gold design is elegant and emphasizes the buyer’s status and his or her impeccable taste. They also said the luxury AirPods Max is for those who ‘always want to be on top’.

Before the Pure Gold AirPods Max Caviar has created a unique iPhone 12 Pro that has an original Apple I circuit board piece. However, there were claims that the piece in question is not an authentic one.

The AirPods Max is Apple’s newest over-ear headphones and was released in December 15. The Apple-branded, high-end headphones is priced at $549 and available in five colors.

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