Cellular Download Limit On iPhones Increased To 200 MB

Apple has updated their iPhone and iPad’s cellular limit to 200 MB inside the Apple Store. This includes games, apps, iTunes Store movies, video podcasts and more.

The download limit is raised from 150 MB to 200 MB in total, which means iOS users can now download a greater variety of games and apps through their carrier network. Apple has placed these restrictions to prevent the download of large files over LTE, but iPhone users and experts deem the feature as unnecessary and restrictive, not to mention discriminatory as some owners have unlimited data plans.

In some cases, it’s possible to download an app or a game that’s over 200 MB as listed on the App Store. The download size of the game may be below 200 MB when irrelevant content for the device are removed, since app sizes are typically reported prior to compression.

The last update for file size limit was in September 2017, where the cap of 100 MB was increased to 150 MB.

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