Changes in iOS 13 to impact WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger background access

A new change in Apple’s upcoming iOS 13 will limit the collection of data from apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, which will likely lead the developers to undergo a redesign.

In WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, users can make calls over the internet while working in the background. Previously, these apps are able to gather data, which will change when iOS 13 is launched.

iOS 13 WhatsApp Facebook Messenger

Moving forward, data calls on Messenger and WhatsApp will be largely limited. Moreover, no data gathering is to allowed. Other apps, such as WeChat, Snapchat and others will have to rebuild theirs from the ground up. Developers will have until 2020 of April to comply.

Facebook has released a statement saying they do not gather data via the internet calling feature. A spokesperson has mentioned that the company is using PushKit VoIP API and nothing else. Furthermore, it was said that Facebook will be communicating with Apple regarding the coming change to the iOS 13.