Changsha Apple Store in China opens

Changsha Apple Store is now open and has amassed a crowd of eager consumers.

The Apple Store in China opened Saturday and drew a huge number of people, all of which lined up to get a glimpse of the store and its products. On Chinese social media Weibo, people have lined up and waited to be admitted into the store, with retail employees welcoming them at the door.

Changsha Apple Store

Apple did a pre-open preview showing the store’s features such as mirrored coating and gradient frit on the store’s tall facade. Glass panels installed come from Tianjin and change from translucent to opaque during the day. Other features include a wooden display table for showing off Apple products and a freestanding video wall for Today at Apple sessions.

Apple Senior VP of People and Retail Dierdre O’Brien stated that Apple is thrilled to have a store in Changsha and support the community with profound cultural heritage and creativity.