‘Charon’ is a film made using only an iPhone 8 Plus

Director and writer Jennifer Zhang has produced a new film, titled ‘Charon’. It will be shown on this year’s Cannes Film Festival.

‘Charon’ tells the story of a hacker under house arrest. When quarantine hits, she’s trapped and the only social contact she has is with her boyfriend. Then, her boyfriend begins making disturbing demands which compounds to the feeling of isolation under lockdown.


The official trailer of ‘Charon’ is available on YouTube and is only a minute long. What’s impressive is that Zhang created the whole film using only her iPhone 8 Plus and with zero budget. The set was her home and Zhang was the writer, director and editor.

The thriller won the 2021 International Mobile Film Festival and caught the attention of Avatar Entertainment, who bought the film and will be introducing it at the Cannes Film Festival. Currently, there’s no streaming date or release timeline for it.