Chase offers massive bonus on Apple product point redemption

Financial institution Chase is offering greater point redemption for cardholders who use their points to shop at Apple.

Chase in 2018 launched its first Apple Ultimate Rewards Store, giving cardholders a way to purchase Apple products using their earned points. A dedicated storefront can be accessed via the Chase Ultimate Rewards platform and offers a similar shopping experience as the official website. Some of the notable items include the latest MacBook Air and the iPhone 14.

Apple Product

For Freedom card customers, the points are 10% greater, while the Ink card and Ink Business lineup generates 10% and 25% more towards an Apple product purchase, respectively. The Sapphire Preferred and Reserve gain 25% and 50% more, respectively, while the JPMorgan Reserve is 50% more.

Chase cardholders can exchange their rewards points as credit for buying Apple products. The full details of the newly-launched promo can be viewed at the official Chase website, or through the Chase Ultimate Rewards platform.