ChatGPT to pull out of EU over draft legislation

Reuters recently reported that ChatGPT might be pulling out of the EU rather than comply with the stringent regulations.

As per the publication, ChatGPT CEO Sam Altman said that the company did not want to leave but may be forced to. Altman mentioned that the EU AI Act is ‘over-regulating’ and believes that the draft will get pulled back. The EU legislation is in development since 2020.


The planned legislation in the region will present hurdles for ‘General All Purpose AI Systems’, which include ChatGPT. The organization sought to ensure that the technology could be trusted- Commission digital chief Margrethe Vestager said that trust is important when it comes to artificial intelligence. The EU has been making landmark rules to develop new norms to ensure trust in AI. Alman said at a London industry event that OpenAI will ‘try to comply’ with regulations as long as it can, but expressed concerns over the organization changing the general purpose of AI systems.