The iMac is an amazing All-In-One (AIO) machine with great build quality, a gorgeous display, and stellar performance on most configurations. However, the starting price of the machine is $1099 which is extremely high for a machine with a dual-core processor and a slow HDD storage device.

Apple should make an affordable iMac for less than $750

It’s high time that Apple create an affordable iMac, maybe it will mark the return of the plastic case that was introduced on the original iMac. By cutting costs with the use of plastic and not the expensive aluminium, the price of the machine will drastically come down.

Another cost cutting could come in the form of using a smaller sized display i.e offering a 20 inch display on the budget oriented iMac. The company could also ditch all ports and offer just USB-C ports on the back which do not have to even be Thunderbolt fast speed ports.

Cheaper and simpler machines

Apple should make an affordable iMac for less than $750

Who uses the webcam on their desktop or laptops anymore? Only those business professionals or people who don’t own smartphones. Yes, the removal of webcam from the iMac would not cause a lot of havoc. To keep the price down, removing the webcam is the way to go and it would help simplify the manufacturing process as well. It would also means less parts to ship, maintain and assemble.

So how much should this budget oriented iMac cost? If I was putting my money on this budget oriented iMac, I would say it should cost something between $650 and $750 for the base model. Also, by using i3 processors, Apple could keep the price low for those people who need a desktop for just browsing the web or writing or watching YouTube videos. However, the company should not offer a HDD option with the base model, SSD should be the de facto option in 2019. It’s not the ancient times.


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