Child racks up $16K on Sonic Forces In-App purchases

A CT mother recently discovered how her 6-yr old child spent more than $16,000 on in-app purchases for a game called ‘Sonic Forces’.

Wilton resident Jessica Johnson was surprised to see a number of purchases on her credit card for in-game currency on Sega’s Sonic Forces.


The spending began in July and revealed how George, the child spent on $1.99 packs to bundles that cost $99.99. On July 9 alone there was a withdrawal for $2,500+.

Johnson called Chase to dispute the charges, thinking they were fraud but then realized it was her 6 year old doing the spending on his iPad. She then tried to get a refund from Apple but then the charges were considered valid as she didn’t report it within 60 days.

Johnson admitted she didn’t take precautions to ensure this wouldn’t happen. However, Apple has set several parental control solutions to limit the user’s access, including the apps and purchases.