Chile reporter has his AirPod stolen by a bird

A bird mistook a Chilean reporter’s AirPod for food and snatched it off during a live TV report.

A live news broadcast was interrupted by a bird who first perched on the TV journalist’s shoulders, then apparently took interest in his AirPods. It’s believed that the news was about crime in the area, and that the reporter was expounding on the subject matter when he became the victim of one.


The video clip is just 20 seconds long and is available to watch on YouTube. After the bird flew away with the Chilean’s AirPods, the scene shifted to the reporter being upset and seemingly looking for the winged culprit.

There isn’t any information as to whether the reporter was able to successfully retrieve the AirPod, or if he used the Find My network to see where it was discarded. Also, it’s not clear as to what the model or generation of AirPods he had.