China App Store flushes ChatGPT clones

Apple removed more than 100 ChatGPT-like apps from the Chinese App Store ahead of new artificial intelligence regulations in the country.

The South China Morning Post reported that AI-service apps were pulled from the App Store on Tuesday, with Apple saying that they ‘included illegal content’ as per China’s regulations. Some of the high-profile apps include ChatGAi Plus, an AI-based translation and chatbot service, and Spark. Developers were also told that their content came under tighter regulations surrounding generative AI and deep synthesis technologies, with new rules coming in soon.

App Store

Apple has removed apps from the China App Store before- 30,000 games and 94,000 apps were pulled from the digital storefront, and again 44,000 when authorities said that the apps did not have proper licenses. The Cupertino-based company came under fire for easily bowing to Chinese authorities’ pressure, to which Apple said it would provide greater transparency on its app removal actions and decisions.