Apple chip maker TSMC is investing in renewable energy

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) popularly known for making chips for Apple has struck a remarkable deal with a Danish renewable energy maker. Ostred, the Danish firm, has wind farms across the coast of Taiwan.

For years, Apple has been pushing its message of being environmentally friendly. The company has goals of reaching carbon neutral by the year 2030, and to do so, the company will have to make sure that its manufacturing is also environmentally friendly. Apple is not the only customer of TSMC but it is indeed one of the largest and also one of the most important.

Removing 3 million cars

Apple has said that if all the partner suppliers move to using renewable resources, the company would be removing as much as 3 millions cars off the streets every single year. It would indeed be a major environmental contribution on Apple’s part. The company also created “Liam” – a machine that automatically deconstructs old iPhones and looks for parts which can be reused. For years, after the unveiling of new products during keynotes, Apple has always taken time to talk about the measure the company has taken to make their products environmentally friendly. 

Apple chip maker TSMC is investing in renewable energy

Starting this year, Apple will reportedly stop packing the power adapter in the box along with the iPhone. The move could be controversial but the company would be able to pack the iPhone with lesser packaging and also a lot of people prefer to buy their own fast chargers. So, if Apple can pass the benefits to the users in terms of a discount, it will probably make the potential future customers happy.

Apple is reportedly planning to release a new iPad and an updated Apple Watch in September. In October, the company will reportedly unveil the next generation iPhone, however some of the models will not ship until November.

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