Apple TV app for Chromecast (2020) to release soon

Google’s new Chromecast is set to receive the Apple TV app very soon – early 2021. Other major streaming sticks like Amazon’s Fire Stick and Roku already have the Apple TV app.

The Apple TV also packs in the company’s subscription based streaming service Apple TV+. Of course, the app also allows users to play the content they bought from iTunes – movies and TV shows. 

New Chromecast with Google TV

Apple TV+ has grown majorly since its initial launch last year. The service now packs some of the most popular shows such as Tehran, Ted Lasso, and of course The Morning Show which released with the platform. The streaming service is also set to receive tons of new movies and TV shows along with new seasons for already popular shows.

Google Chromecast (latest version) will have all the content from Apple TV+ be part of Chromecast’s home screen integration. Streaming stick makers such as Amazon and Google, have taken the approach of aggregating content from all major streaming services to offer curated content to users.

Google’s new version of Chromecast is radically different compared to the previous versions as it now comes with a remote controller. Previous versions of the Chromecast did come with a remote controller and neither did they support the use of third-party remote controllers. As a result, users were forced to use their phone or tablet or supported PCs for the purpose of casting content or screen to the TV. 

However, a set of users did appreciate the simplicity of the previous Chromecast sticks as there was no hassle of using a remote. Mostly everyone uses phones who have a Chromecast, so it was easier to just use the phone which is almost all the time with the user. This year’s Chromecast takes cues from Amazon and Roku by supporting the use of a remote.