Cinematic API video editing released to developers

The upcoming iOS 17 will have a Cinematic API that allows third party apps to gain Cinematic mode video editing and playback.

Apple announced the move during this year’s WWDC, saying that the Cinematic framework will allow developers to ‘add professional-level editing and playback features’ to their apps with the iPhone’s Cinematic mode. The Cupertino-based company adds that the technology is the same as with iMovie, Photos, and Final Cut Pro.

Cinematic API Video Editing

Cinematic mode was added on the iPhone 13 and available on newer models. The feature allows users to record videos with automatic focus between objects and a shallow depth of field. Inspired by Hollywood films, Cinematic mode uses ‘rack focus’ to shift between subjects by locking on a subject and blurring the rest to create a depth of field. As users move the camera to a new subject, the focus shifts on it and blurs out the background seamlessly.