Civilization VI Rise and Fall Expansion is now available for iOS

Rise and Fall, Civilization VI’s first expansion for the iOS is now available to buy at the App Store. The second expansion, tentatively titled ‘Gathering Storm’ is set to be released later this year.

Civ VI is made by Firaxis Games and is a TBS, or turn-based strategy game. It was released in 2016 for Windows, macOS and Linux. In 2017, Civilization VI was ported over to the iOS as a mobile game that’s ‘buy once, play forever’.

Civilization VI Rise and Fall Expansion

Players can try the demo game, which gives them 60 ‘turns’ before deciding to purchase the title, which is $10.

The expansion adds new units, maps, leaders, building and wonders and puts a new twist in the main gameplay. It’s what’s known as a ‘4X’ title, which means expand, explore, exploit and exterminate. In Rise and Fall, a new mechanic allows for non-violent progression.

The Civilization VI expansion can be bought for $30 on iOS devices.