A lawsuit against Apple is being issued for the Powerbeats Pro over the fact that battery life is not the same as Apple advertised.

Powerbeats Pro

The US District Court for the Southern District of New York received the lawsuit on Thursday and says Apple over-promised how long the battery lasts on the Powerbeats Pro. The Cupertino-based company says that a single charge can last up to 9 hours, but this apparently is not the case.

Part of the issue with the lower battery life is the non-proper charging of the earbuds. Law360 says that this was due to a bad case design- the earbuds have a high chance of getting dislodged, and thus getting cut off from the charging. Another point raised was how the IPX4 water and sweat resistance rating could affect it by corroding the charging contacts.

The lawsuit covers purchaser classes in New York, Virginia, South Dakota, Rhode Island, Oklahoma, North Dakota, Montana, Michigan and Georgia.


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