Classic iPhone ringtones get an capella recreation in YouTube Video

MayTree, a South Korea-based a capella group has just released a video showcasing vocal recreations of classic iPhone sounds and ringtones.

The group shows the sound they’re recreating in a small display and proceeds to emulate it acapella-style. Ringtones such as Uplift, Silk and Opening (the default iPhone song when someone calls), Marimba, Strum, Xylophone and the ‘Alarm’ tone, as well as interesting sound effects like screen lock, message received and battery charging are covered in the video as well.

Classic iPhone Ringtones

The iPhone sound effect (acapella) video is available to watch on YouTube. For those who want more, MayTree also has a YouTube video that covers Windows-themed sounds, such as the opening tune in Windows XP, Windows Vista, USB in, USB out, error message, emptying the recycle bin and Windows shutting down.

MayTree is a professional mixed a capella group that was founded in 2000 and has appeared in gigs, concerts and shows across Asia.