Classicbot releases retro Mac themed stationery set

Classicbot recently launched the Trashbot 2.0 Stationery Set featuring retro macOS icons.

The set include a whiteboard that’s similar to a Mac desktop, a Memo Pad, a mini figure that looks like the ‘Error’ icon, and Mail, Folder, and Disk desk accessories. They have tiny magnets that can be attached to the whiteboard. Furthermore, the Disk, Folder, Mail, Error Bot, and Trashbot have distinctive stands with name tags.


Philip Lee designed the accessories to look like classic mac OS icons used in the 80s. The set is a worthy addition to someone who collects retro-themed pieces or just wants some nostalgia on their desktop stations. The whiteboard can be a useful tool for reminding deadlines and projects.

The Trashbot 2.0 Stationery Set is now available to purchase at the official Classicbot website. The set is priced at $46, and there are also desk accessories for those who want other themed operating system icons.