Clearview AI developer suspended for Enterprise Certificate Violation

Clearview AI, a startup company that’s worked in facial recognition technology has had its developer account disabled by Apple after it was found to violate enterprise program rules. Moreover, they were given 14 days to respond to the program violation.

The enterprise program gives corporations ‘certificates’ for using apps internally, but a report says that Clearview AI was distributing its app to more than 2,000 private and public entities, including the NBA, FBI, Immigrations and Customs, Walmart and more.

Clearview AI Developer Suspended for Enterprise Certificate Violation

Clearview AI, a NY-based company has recently revealed that someone has had unauthorized access to its clients. The NY Times states that it has a database of more than 3 billion images collected from platforms like YouTube, Facebook and others.

Apple recently suspended Google and Facebook’s developer accounts when it found them to be distributing consumer-facing apps via enterprise certificates. The suspension was shortly lifted after both companies promised it would distribute the certificates internally as agreed upon.