Almost all households will require a sort of charging hub, where family members can charge their iPhones, tablets and other devices. Or, you could have an army of phones, backup gadgets and power banks that need constant plugging in.

Clever Bright's iPhone and iPad charging station

A desktop USB docking station is an excellent solution to your ‘too many device’ problems. The Clever Bright Desktop Charging Station is now priced at just $13.50 from its original price of $30 with a $16.50 discount. Simply add the coupon code 55ssssss (six s’s) to get the deal.

The color option is in White or Black and features a design that could charge up to four smartphones or tablets simultaneously. In addition, there are two sockets for plugging in your printer, scanner or office equipment, for instance. The four USB ports deliver 1 2.1A and 3 1.0A of power for quick charge purposes.

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