Clips and iMovie Apps gain ProRes recording and Cinematic mode

Apple has recently updated its iMovie and Clips apps to have ProRes recording and Cinematic mode.

iMovie now has editing and importing support for video editing through Cinematic mode on the iPhone 13. Cinematic mode was introduced just a week ago and highlighted the hardware capability of the iPhone 13. Users can now get professional videography techniques with focus auto-shifting to objects, pets and people and with depth of field.

ProRes video has been added as well and is available on the iPhone 13 Pro. With it, users can get better image quality and color fidelity within a relatively small file size. Editing and importing ProRes is currently limited to iPhone 13, 3rd gen and later iPad Pros and the 6th gen iPad mini.

Aside from ProRes and Cinematic mode, users can now import photos and videos from their library via a tap. The update eliminates having to record the content before it could be recognized.

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