Coconut Point Apple Store closes for renovation

One of Apple’s smallest retail store will be closed for renovation.

Coconut Point Apple Store, located in Fashion Drive Florida has been temporarily closed. Stickers saying ‘we’ll be right back’ has been put on the windows, and the view is blocked from the outside. On the official online listing, the store has a ‘closed for improvements’ status. The nearest Apple Store is the Waterside location for potential visitors and customers.

Apple Store

Renovation details remain confidential as of the moment. However, it’s believed that Apple is planning to expand the store to a bigger size. Currently, a recent strike by Hurricane Ian has taken a section of the site and damaged the store’s logo. As for the opening, there’s no exact date yet on when this will happen.

Coconut Point Apple Store is one of the smallest in the world, but there have been reports that Apple’s Santa Rosa Plaza in California might hold that record.