Updates to Google’s messaging app reveals that it may be able to handle iMessage reactions better.


iPhone users can tap into reaction features within the Messages app- they could react by placing a question mark, exclamation point, laughter, thumbs down, thumbs up or a heart right next to the message. The recipient would see them as intended when they’re using an iPhone, but it isn’t the case with an Android phone.

The error comes up as ‘user loved ‘text message’ and proves to be troublesome for iPhone users who use the feature and group chats.

Google Messages has picked up on this error and apparently has made a few changes, notably in the beta phase. A line in the beta code shows ‘ios_reaction_classification’ followed by ‘Show iPhone Reactions as emoji’.

In similar news, Verizon says it will bring RCS, or rich communications service to Android users, which allows for rich messaging features on Android phones.


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