College and musician-themed ‘Behind the Mac’ ads revealed

Apple has recently uploaded not just one, but two videos for its ‘Behind the Mac’ campaign. The pervading theme shows just how easy it is for college students and musicians to use the Mac for their daily tasks.

Behind the Mac: Headed for College is a video collage of people checking their college acceptance letters on their Macs, with the description saying ‘college acceptance season and all the students starting the next chapter of their lives behind the Mac’. Its entirety is black and white and features the song ‘Come Back’ by Tom Misch.

Behind the Mac with FINNEAS is a video featuring Finneas O’Connell and how he uses the Mac to create music. O’Connell mentioned how software such as the Logic Pro and devices like Macs help artists with tools they need to start making music. The video’s background music comes from O’Connell himself, titled ‘Can’t Wait to be Dead’.

Both videos can be viewed on Apple’s official YouTube channel.

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