Complete your desktop setup with a stylish Brydge Vertical Dock at $20 off

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A crowded desk is the last thing you’d want when setting up a computer. When placed on its side, a MacBook Pro takes up space equal to a monitor.

Vertical docks can be used to secure your MacBook Pro as you work on a table. Today, the Brydge Vertical Dock is down to just $149.99 from its original price of $169.99 on Amazon. That’s $20 off or roughly 12% discount for an essential accessory.

Brydge Vertical Dock

Aside from supporting one-handed docking the Brydge Vertical Dock has a few tricks up its sleeve. On the back are two Thunderbolt 3 ports you can use for connectivity purposes. Additionally, intake and exhaust vents allow for added cooling to ensure your MacBook runs along just fine even when you’re running heavy loads.

The solid metal space grey chassis complements the look of your MacBook Pro and brings a refined experience at home. 

At $20 off, the Brydge Vertical Dock is worthy of your consideration. Buy it today!

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