Apple launched an update for its Logic Pro and Final Cut Pro, as well as Motion and Compressor.

Compressor, Motion, Logic Pro and Final Cut Pro

The new updates allow users to access the apps on their iPads and transfer the content to a Mac seamlessly, and vice versa. The updates are now live and available to users who own them. Final Cut Pro now sports version number 10.6.6 and supports imports from the iPad to the Mac. Logic Pro has been updated to version 10.7.8, while Motion is now version 5.6.4. The Compressor app for Mac is now version 4.6.4.

Final Cut Pro has a new collection of generators, transitions, effects, and titles, as well as color correction workflow and scene removal mask. Logic Pro mainly added bug fixes and stability improvements. Motion has several new improvements for its auto color processing, image editing, and playback. The list of improvements for each app is listed on the App Store.


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