Connecticut stalker using Apple AirTag gets arrested


A man from Connecticut has been apprehended for trying to stalk a victim using an AirTag.

Apple AirTag

The 27-year old CT native, Wilfred Gonzalez has been charged with violation of protective order and first-degree stalking, as well as misdemeanor breach of peace. A $10,000 bond has been paid for his release but Gonzalez is expected to reappear on court March 30.

CT Insider reported how the man was arrested as he was trying to fit an AirTag to his victim’s car. Authorities mentioned how it was part of a ‘domestic dispute’ and that the victim said the device was used for stalking and tracking purposes.

Apple’s AirTag is primarily used as an item tracker to regain lost possession of personal objects. However, there are people who have been using it for nefarious purposes, including car theft, celebrity stalking and stealing bikes and others. It uses the FindMy network for detecting and tracking the item it’s attached to.

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